Fears grow about Sydney after Australia fires merge into giant blaze

NSW Rural Fire Service crews fight a fire as it burns close to property on Wheelbarrow Ridge Road at Colo Heights

NSW Rural Fire Service crews fight a fire as it burns close to property on Wheelbarrow Ridge Road at Colo Heights

People who can not defend their property from approaching fires have been asked by the authorities to leave immediately.

Since October, bushfires have killed six people and destroyed more than 700 homes throughout Australia.

Around 1000 homes have been damaged or destroyed by fire this season.

A drought has left much of eastern Australia tinder-dry and spot fires have raged every day for the past three months.

What's the latest on the ground?

The mega blaze, raging along the entire NSW coastline, is about the size of greater Sydney, according to officials.

The New South Wales Rural Fire Service (RFS) said in a tweet that "a number of fires in the Hawkesbury, Hunter and Central Coast areas have now joined".

A giant blaze that has blanketed Sydney, Australia's largest city, in a hazardous smoke may take many weeks to put out, fire services said late on Friday, with the whole region fighting almost 100 wildfires and expectations that the worst is yet to come.

Wind-fired bush fires combined in a single giant fire north of Sydney late Friday, covering Australia's largest city of unsafe smoke, causing the cancellation of the weekend's sports games. and encouraging outdoor workers to stay at home.

NSW RFS deputy commissioner, Rob Rogers told national broadcaster ABC: "We cannot stop these fires, they will just keep burning until conditions ease, and then we'll try to do what we can to contain them".

Video footage from the Orangeville space confirmed firefighters operating from a wall of fireplace and the Walkabout Wildlife Park has evacuated a whole lot of animals.

Hearth officers in Ingleburn warned: "In case your property shouldn't be ready for the bushfire season and also you're undecided you're able or able to defending your property if a fireplace approaches that you must go away immediately".

Tuesday is the subsequent huge concern, with temperatures inland of Sydney prone to attain 40C plus.

Some firefighters have expressed concern that volunteer numbers might not be enough and that there are inadequate water supplies.

The fires around Sydney have been pumping such vast amounts of smoke into the air that they appear as significant rain on the radars, the Bureau of Meteorology said on Twitter.

Slideshow by photo servicesIs this fire season particularly bad?

That is many fewer than Australia's deadliest recent fire season in 2009 when nearly 200 people died, but 2019's toll so far belies the scale of devastation.

The total area burned by those fires was around 335,000 hectares, the RFS added.

The season has hit sooner than regular and has been exacerbated by drought circumstances.

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