Opera v55 for Android brings Super Dark Mode

Opera v55 for Android brings Super Dark Mode

Opera v55 for Android brings Super Dark Mode

WhatsApp's much-awaited Dark Mode feature is undergoing updates before finally rolling out to users.

Opera is the oldest mobile browser, we have used it on simple keypad mobile to Android smartphones.

Opera version 55 for Android focuses on improving the visual experience and, for this, introduces a completely renewed night mode.

If a website has its own dark mode (like Twitter, for example), Opera will detect and use it automatically when you're browsing.

In addition, the browser now allows color temperature adjustment with a slider, so that blue light is eliminated thus reducing the effects that night navigation can have on relaxation and sleep.

The dark mode trend is slowly taking over social media platforms from Facebook, Instagram, and Gmail offering the same to now WhatsApp waiting to hop on the bandwagon. Users can change the dark mode in the browser's settings. Now version 55 arrives, and it is loaded with new features, such as the dark theme for web pages, brightness dimming or color temperature adjustment.

When you encounter one of those webpages, you can toggle the "Dark web pages" setting to let Opera take the reins.

Enable dark web pages. It's good to see that this is optional and not enabled by default, as it could make text entry hard for users who struggle with reading low contrast text. It also allows you to dim the on-screen keyboard, but Android Police notes that the overlay that uses this function is experimental and potentially flawed.

Schedule Night Mode so that it is enabled during a specific period, e.g. from sunset to sunrise or custom period.

The feature is rumoured to have been tested on iOS as of now and will soon be available for Andriod users on the Google Play store.

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