The place's the 'secret' White Home Russia room? diplomat jokes

The lunch with diplomats featured humorous moments with US President Donald Trump

The lunch with diplomats featured humorous moments with US President Donald Trump

The lighter exchange between Mr. Trump and the Russian envoy happened during a luncheon meeting the President had at the White House with members of the UN Security Council. "Maybe. which is a top secret here".

"We saw the China room, but we didn't see the Russian Federation room", Nebenzya said to laughter from around the table, adding that he wondered if such a room existed but was "top secret".

Mr. Trump had invited the UNSC members to the White House for a meeting on the occasion of the US being the president of the 15-membered powerful United Nations organ for December.

The representatives gathered for a luncheon at the White House at the invitation of U.S. President Donald Trump, whose country assumed the rotating presidency of the UN Security Council on December 1.

The White House does have a China Room, but this refers to a collection of porcelain housed there, rather than the country. His remarks again drew laughter from the gathered crowd.

President Donald Trump just can't help himself sometimes - not even when it comes to Russian Federation, the country that has dogged his entire presidency. Trump is embroiled in a major trade war with China, the conflict between the world's two largest economies began in 2018. On the Russian front, ever since his elections, he has been under question regarding his links to Moscow and their alleged interference in the 2016 US Presidential elections.

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