Netflix viewers are calling Marriage Story a 'heartbreaking masterpiece'

Adam Driver in Marriage Story

Adam Driver in Marriage Story

Netflix blessed the internet on Friday by releasing a brief clip - which occurs toward the end of Noah Baumbach's likely Oscar contender Marriage Story (now streaming) - of the actor singing, teasing a lengthier scene that serves as one of the key emotional turning points in the film about the bitter disintegration of a relationship between stage director Charlie (Driver) and his actress wife, Nicole (Scarlett Johansson).

The film also stars a brilliant Laura Dern and Ray Liotta as high powered divorce attorneys, which is already making *actual* divorce attorneys wonder if that's what they're really like (apparently it is). It's a film that, at the wrong hands, could have gone so many different (and much worse ) directions, make sure it pretentious, bitter, or saccharine. They're nonetheless collectively, and given their marriage story contains the start of a cherished son, they all the time will probably be, in a manner. However together with his two most up-to-date efforts between The Meyerowitz Tales and Marriage Story, Baumbach has centered on much less simply solvable issues. The clear intent is to demonstrate that the mechanics of ending a marriage are every bit as significant and delicate as maintaining one.

There was nevertheless a degree of irrational exuberance surrounding this Netflix production (hitting theaters before a December streaming date) on the film-festival circuit, inasmuch as the notion of a modern divorce - even one that has evolved, somewhat, since the days of "Kramer vs. Kramer" - doesn't come across as especially novel. It process to be a little more clever and witty, instead of being a joyless film about divorce.

"Charlie's not bad", Nicole says near the outset, before the pair embark on a lawyer-guided journey that explores how people who expressed a desire to "stay friends" can come to treat each other terribly.

In tackling divorce, the director is as insistent as his characters that he doesn't wish to flip this right into a battle of wills or venomous accusations, however by nature of what Charlie and Nicole are going by way of, the harm emotions and recriminations are inevitable.

Marriage Story is now streaming on Netflix.

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