Hong Kongs Cathay airways crew to wear masks amid virus outbreak

Cathay Pacific Boeing 777

Cathay Pacific Boeing 777

"Due to the evolving information from health authorities, we will allow crew members and frontline airport employees to wear surgical face masks when on duty at their discretion", Cathay said in a statement. The decision came amid growing concern over the coronavirus outbreak in the central Chinese city of Wuhan. According to reports, the Union has received a lot of emails regarding the latest coronavirus outbreak as members are concerned given they are exposed to almost 300 passengers on a single flight. The virus has already spread beyond Wuhan to population centers including Beijing, Shanghai, Macau and Hong Kong.

At the time of publication, China's public health officials have confirmed 830 cases of the SARS-like illness, a figure that is believed to be grossly underestimated, and 26 deaths.

Video, recorded on Wednesday (January 22), shows flight attendants on a Cathay Pacific flight to Hong Kong, wearing face masks.

Cathay has already been hit by plummeting demand as a result of anti-government protests in Hong Kong, leading it to cut capacity and defer the delivery of four planes.

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