Emotional Demi Lovato Stops and Restarts Her Grammy Performance of ‘Anyone’

Demi Lovato separates after the wrong start of the ballad

Demi Lovato separates after the wrong start of the ballad "Anyone" at the 2020 Grammy Awards - Daily News

The Grammys 2020 was special for Demi Lovato fans, the singer came back on stage for the first time since 2018, after the near-fatal drug overdose in the summer two years ago. She debuted a new song, "Anyone", which she wrote and recorded just four days before suffering an overdose in July 2018.

Demi's new track features heartbreaking lyrics such as, "I've tried to talk to my piano/I've tried to talk to my guitar".

The song "Anyone" is important and somewhat personal for Demi because she wrote it a few days before she had that overdose incident.

However, it seems the audience was the only one crying during the performance, Demi Lovato ended up with tears streaming down her face when stood on the stage.

The powerful performance brought the audience to its feet, with some clapping and others wiping away tears.

However, the chart-topping singer's career now appears to be firmly back on track, following her eye-catching performance at the Grammy Awards and her scheduled appearance at the upcoming Super Bowl, where she's set to perform the USA national anthem.

Like so many singers at the Grammys, Lovato chose to perform a slow ballad on Sunday. What are your thoughts on Demi Lovato's performance?

The source went onto say, "The songs are extremely raw and emotional for her".

Celebrities also joined in, with fellow singer Pink posting: "Oh Demi Lovato, you just tore me down". I'm so glad you're here to sing those words, to sing like that.

"I was recording it in a state of mind where I felt I was okay, but clearly I wasn't", she told Zane Lowe.

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