Say cheese! Mouse fight on London Underground platform wins top photography prize

Mice Scrapping On London Underground Awarded Wildlife Photographer Of The Year LUMIX People's Choice Award

Mice Scrapping On London Underground Awarded Wildlife Photographer Of The Year LUMIX People's Choice Award

Speaking of the moment the picture was taken on London's Underground network, Rowley said the two mice were foraging separately until they both came along a piece of food they wanted.

A picture of two mice engaged in a scuffle at an Underground station in London has won the National History Museum's Wildlife Photographer of the Year LUMIX People's Choice Award.

Rowley's photo beat out 25 other finalists of more than 48,000 images submitted for the contest, and 28,000 nature photography fans voted, the museum said.

Sam Rowley of Bristol, England, visited multiple subway platforms every night for a week, laying in wait for the flawless shot. The mice were fighting over leftover crumbs and the dust-up lasted for a split second before they scurried away.

"I usually take a burst of photos and I got lucky with this shot, but then I had spent five days lying on a platform so it was probably going to happen at some point", Sam said. "It's been a lifetime dream to succeed in this competition in this way, with such a relatable photo taken in such an everyday environment in my hometown".

While you could reasonably assume it received the most votes because it's kind of amusing seeing a mouse do a judo chop, the director of the Natural History Museum, Michael Dixon, hopes the photograph does more than just give us a little giggle.

"Every day, hundreds of people watch them box, dance, play the drums and perform other pointless tricks", Gekoski wrote on Instagram after he was shortlisted for the prize in December.

The light sketch of creatures can be made out against the stark white image, captured in the extreme, freezing conditions at the Norwegian archipelago Svalbard.

"The mice's behavior is sculpted by our daily routine, the transport we use and the food we discard", Dixon added in a press release.

Matching outfits by Michel Zoghzoghi, Lebanon - Michel was in the Pantanal, Brazil photographing jaguars.

The Surrogate Mother, by Martin Buzora, shows a ranger in a park in Kenya looking after an orphaned black rhino.

The museum said Rowley's photo was the first victor of the LUMIX People's Choice Award to feature a human-made environment.

Spot The Reindeer, by Francis De Andres, shows white Arctic reindeer nearly hidden against a snowy background in the Norwegian archipelago of Svalbard. "The young rhinos are in the sanctuary as a result of poaching or because their mothers are blind and can not care for them safely in the wild".

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