Carrie Underwood's Son Thinks She Does Laundry For a Living

Carrie Underwood, As Described by Her Five Year Old

Carrie Underwood, As Described by Her Five Year Old

The country star took to social media to share a hilarious "All About My Mom" questionnaire that it's safe to say four-year-old son Isaiah did not nail at all!

The point of the project was for Isaiah to answer questions about his mom to the best of his knowledge. Let's just say he has some very interesting observations. She does have a song called "Dirty Laundry" after all.

The other answers he provided were pretty sweet, however. While some of his answers were pretty straightforward ("My mom's name is Carrie"), and some were incredibly sweet ("My mom always says, "I love you"), a few of them were definitely too amusing to ignore.

The superstar shared a fill-in-the-blank-style story that Isaiah wrote, complete with descriptions of her physical appearance, favorite foods and more.

He also has seemingly realized his mom is a vegetarian because he wrote "salad" when asked what Carrie likes to eat the most. He also notes correctly that her hair is blonde and her eyes are brown. Isaiah's response to "If my mom had the time she would like to", is "ride horses". Carrie and her retired National Hockey League star husband Mike Fisher, 39, own several horses and Isaiah is aware of his mom's love of the creatures. Spot on! Now if she can just help him with that age estimate.

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