Coronavirus: WHO readies master plan to tackle rapid spread in China

Passengers are seen on the balconies of the quarantined Diamond Princess cruise ship

Passengers are seen on the balconies of the quarantined Diamond Princess cruise ship

The National Health Commission said Friday that 121 more people had died and there were 5,090 new confirmed cases.

The number of new infections in Hubei - the central Chinese province at the epicenter of the outbreak - rose sharply for the second day in a row today after the government adopted a new way of calculating how cases are recorded.

A security guard stands outside a plastic tent set up to disinfect people coming in at the entrance of a residential compound, as the country is hit by an outbreak of the new coronavirus, in Beijing, China, on February 13, 2020.

China's Hubei province reported 4,823 additional coronavirus cases, confirming that the almost 15,000 reported a day earlier was a one-off situation due to a new method for counting infections.

The health emergency in China has caused fears of further global contagion, with more than two-dozen countries reporting hundreds of cases among them.

People inside China and around the world have raised questions about the initial response to the coronavirus outbreak.

The outbreak has led to the firing of Jiang Chaoliang as the ruling Communist Party chief in Hubei, just days after the province's top two health officials were removed from their posts.

Using quicker CT scans that reveal lung infections would help patients get treatment more quickly and improve chances of recovery, the Hubei health commission said.

The changes in detection methods have boosted the number of total confirmed cases in Hubei by nearly 15,000 to almost 60,000.

Hubei authorities had previously only allowed infections to be confirmed by RNA tests, which can take days to process.

Almost 47,000 cases have been confirmed globally, more than 46,000 of which were reported in China.

In Vietnam, official media reported a village of 10,000 north-west of the capital, Hanoi, was put in lockdown due to a cluster of cases there. Vietnam has confirmed 16 cases of the diseases, a lot of them in Son Loi.

The online newspaper VN Express says the man's daughter was infected.

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A cruise liner quarantined off a Japanese port has more than 200 people confirmed with the disease. Provincial authorities said there are about 37,000 patients in hospital, 1,685 of whom are in critical condition.

Champagne said about 250 Canadians on a separate cruise ship off the shore of Cambodia, the Westerdam, have tested negative for the coronavirus and will be returned to Canada at the expense of the cruise line, Holland America.

Cambodian Prime Minister Hun Sen greeted the passengers with handshakes and bouquets as they stepped off the ship.

Hong Kong added three more coronavirus cases, bringing its total to 53.

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