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HGTV’s ‘House Hunters’ Introduces First ‘Throuple’ Family		HGTVDavid Ng14 Feb 2020

HGTV’s ‘House Hunters’ Introduces First ‘Throuple’ Family HGTVDavid Ng14 Feb 2020

The HGTV show featured a throuple for the first time - made up of Brian, Lori and Geli - on Wednesday's (February 12) episode of the popular series.

The trio spoke candidly about their dynamic and admitted they wanted to find a house that fit their needs.

'The past four years, I have been living in Lori and Brian's house, so buying a house together as a throuple will signify our next big step as a family of five rather than all four of them plus me, ' Geli explained.

While searching for their ideal home, the three came across a house with a relatively small kitchen.

At one point in the episode, Lori remarked about the lack of space in one house they were touring, saying, "This is a couple's kitchen, not a throuple's kitchen".

Eventually, they chose a attractive house that - while it was above their initial budget - had a lovely mountain view. Brian and Lori married in 2002 and have two children, and are raising them with Geli's input.

And yeah, of course the conservatives are mad, but clearly HGTV isn't listening to them.

"Oh my god. A throuple on House Hunters", Bad Feminist author Roxane Gay tweeted.

"I was legit about to change the channel until I heard throuple".

"I have never sent a tweet about #HouseHunters until tonight".

"The normalization of polyamory rolls down the track, just as I and others predicted it would", Princeton professor Robert George wrote. "You have my FULL attention now", one user wrote on Twitter.

Some fans congratulated HGTV for "storming into 2020" and for taking a risk by sharing the throuple's unique story.

"Literally flawless television", a third tweeted, while another user applauded HGTV for "STORMING into 2020".

Three's company: HGTV has featured its first throuple on House Hunters.

"Without looking, I knew it was two women with a man (all white) who don't use the word triad, "wrote one viewer".

"This throuple on house hunters... good for them " another tweeted.

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