Hyundai & Kia To Work With Canoo On Future EV Platform

Hyundai Canoo EVs

Hyundai Canoo EVs

Hyundai and the USA electric auto venture Canoo announced that they have partnered to develop a scalable electric vehicle platform. The platform will be used for future Hyundai and Kia electric vehicles as well as the automaker group's so-called "purpose built vehicles". Just recently, the company announced that it partnered up with Canoo, a company that specializes in making EVs and vehicle architectures.

By ensuring that every component of the platform is fulfilling as many functions as possible, the overall design is reduced in size which provides more interior cabin space and a more cost-effective EV offering for the car-buying public. This isn't a particularly new style of approach, but Hyundai has stated that the fact that each "skateboard unit" is essentially self-contained means that it expects the system to allow for a "simplified and standardized development process, lowering vehicle price", which will be...

Hyundai Motor Group has this underlying architecture to help the company reduce the cost and complexity of production and enable it to respond quickly to changing market demands and customer preferences. Of this total group commitment, Hyundai will invest $52 billion into "future technologies" and Kia will put $25 billion toward electrification and future mobility technologies.

Moreover, Hyundai, in January this year enunciated its plan of investing approximately more than Dollars 87 billion in the next five years to augment its presence in future mobility markets.

"We were highly impressed by the speed and efficiency in which Canoo developed their innovative EV architecture", Hyundai spokesperson Albert Biermann said. Under the contract, Hyundai Motor Co. and sibling Kia Motors Corp. will be accessed to Canoo's proprietary vehicle platform called skateboard, because it is essentially a flat rectangle with four wheels attached.

Seeing great potential on the skateboard platform, Hyundai aims to produce low-priced autonomous and manned delivery vehicles through its Los Angeles-based initiative.

"It is a real honor for us to help Hyundai explore EV architecture concepts for their future models", Kranz, a Canoo co-founder and former BMW executive, said in the same statement. The company rebranded as Canoo in spring 2019 and debuted its first vehicle last September.

Canoo unveiled its first electric vehicle for subscription in September past year, just 19 months after the company's founding in December 2017. More than 300 engineers are now working to refine the concept of Canoo's architecture system. Today, Canoo has grown to around 300+ employees - covering the entire value chain, bringing together a unique EV with a unique business model for a unique user experience.

Hyundai Motor Group has committed to invest $ 87 billion in the next five years. The Hyundai Motor Group is interested in this canoo architecture.

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