IBM Chooses Slack Over Microsoft Teams As Workplace Collaboration Competition Heats Up

IBM chooses another Microsoft competitor for its employees; Slack instead of Teams

IBM chooses another Microsoft competitor for its employees; Slack instead of Teams

This meant that IBM was not a new customer, and that the headline 350,000 employee figure would not manifest itself in that many novel seats of Slack sold.

In a statement to The Verge, Slack said IBM has more users than 300,000 and "have-scale deployment of slack so that it can offer to every employee at IBM". In what can only be seen as a great victory for Slack over rival Microsoft team, the report revealed that IBM has been experimenting with Slack and is now rolling it out to all employees.

Furthermore, the company has yet to clarify which portion of the current 165,000 or future total 350,000 employees will be using a free or paid tier of the service.

IBM has apparently actually been using Slack since 2014, but it is now officially adopting Slack as the main communication tool internally as part of a larger effort to modernize the company itself.

The news instantly makes IBM Slack's biggest customer, and the cash infusion should go a long way to bringing the money-losing company closer to profitability. The company's most recent customer update appears to be the addition of SiriusXM, the world's largest audio entertainment company, according to Slack's blog.

The deal with IBM builds on a previous relationship between the two companies.

Last month IBM's longtime CEO Ginny Rometty announced her retirement.

Slack's trial at IBM took several years. It is an important development that this number has doubled. Microsoft had taken over Slack previous year with 20 million active users as compared to Slack's 12 million. Slack was originally released in 2013 and Microsoft came up with Teams in 2017. But people are talking about Slack all over Twitter, so let me catch us both up.

In doing so, the tech giant has instantly become Slack's largest customer. They were worth 15.4% more than yesterday, and then, suddenly, this attractive afternoon, Slack's stock trading stopped, pending news.

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