Is ‘Morbius’ Set In Tobey Maguire’s Spider-Man Universe?

Wow, Looks Like Sony Has Another Spider-Man Spinoff In The Works

Wow, Looks Like Sony Has Another Spider-Man Spinoff In The Works

The news comes from the Exhibitor Relations Co Twitter account (and confirmed by IGN), run by box office analyst Jeff Bock. Half of the time, it's so important to be the first to claim a date that the studio doesn't even announce which film is going to occupy the release, just that it's going to happen. As we have seen Spider-Man solo movies opting to open in a July release date since Spider-Man: Homecoming landed on July 7, 2017, Sony's summer comic movies have tended to keep that tentpole in place. But that's essentially what went down when Sony and Marvel Studios had to negotiate their contracts regarding Spider-Man.

According to a Marvel Fan on Reddit, a credible source has revealed information about Sony's Morbius movie.

This is the first we've heard of Sony's plans after this year's Morbius and Venom 2.

With all of those movies out of the picture, it could be another Spider-Man character or villain.

It's unknown what this new Marvel movie will be, though it's rumored to be Kraven the Hunter, to keep building up to a Sinister Six movie against Spider-Man. And it could be a streamlined manner for Marvel and Sony to playfully acknowledge how usually Spider-Man has been rebooted up to now couple of many years.

Other rumoured possibilities are a Silver Sable or Sinister Six movie in the offing, though with a release date of 2021, we might expect some kind of announcement soon.

When enquired about Spider-Man cameo in the next movie, Pinker said, "I cannot predict anything right now" With Spider-Man starring Tom Holland, the studio's Marvel character universe corresponds the famous Marvel movie universe, stated by Amy pascal, boss of the Sony. Sony has established more than enough baddies to reach the magic number, and they have plenty more to choose from on top of those.

We have brought everything that you would like to know about Tom Hardy Starrer, explore till the end.

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