‘Miss Americana’ Highlights the Pros and Cons of Fame

Original Content podcast: Netflix’s Taylor Swift documentary feels like a guarded self-portrait

Original Content podcast: Netflix’s Taylor Swift documentary feels like a guarded self-portrait

Not a totally transparent window despite being led by Lana Wilson, the movie feels as though it was directed by Swift's view, focusing on her preferred topics of tabloid persecution and political awakening - but a showing one nonetheless.

The documentary also offers an insight into the loneliness of her position as one of the most successful female musicians of all time. Swift catches herself apologizing for her "soap-box" rant, but clarifies that she should be allowed to speak her mind in the house that her career and her talent has paid for.

Fourteen years ago, Taylor Swift rose to fame as America's country music sweetheart. Swift and Little worked together on a number of tracks from the album including the singles "Me!', "You Need to Calm Down" and "The Man". She responds, choking back tears and vowing to simply "make a better record". The format of a documentary allows Swift to explain her life without critics immediately jumping down her throat. She perfected the art of being likable by maintaining a carefully calculated, yet scrutinized, good girl image. Swift confesses to not eating in order to maintain a look she thought she was supposed to have. Swift revealed that she thought the crowd was booing her.

"For someone who has built their whole belief systems on getting people to clap for you the whole crowd booing is a pretty formative experience", she says.

This moment is what propelled Swift to take a stance in politics, despite keeping her opinions quiet for over a decade. This segment felt the most authentic out of everything shown, as every other seemingly vulnerable clip of her is short and fragmented. The post went on to receive a positive response from her fans.

Swift is a great communicator and a natural storyteller who has mastered the skill of living proudly and boldly through her songwriting and personal conversations.

In 2016, rumours began to circulate that Alwyn and Swift were dated.

"Now I realize, no, if you eat food, have energy, get stronger, you can do all these shows", said Swift in the film. "I think it's normal". Even without caring for her music, the injustice that she has faced for being a young woman in the music industry should be seen as, to use her own word, appalling.

Little won over the hearts of many viewers and Swift has nothing but praise for the New Zealander's contributions and overall character.

The singer mentioned that her mom's diagnosis helped her prioritize her relationship with friends and family above anything else. Miss Americana tries to frame this moment as her "rock bottom" but it does not land: To the audience, this just seems like an outrageously inconsequential and self-indulgent moment for an already ludicrously famous person.

The Miss Americana star never fails to experiment with her makeup. The cruelty of the American media is also emphasised, justifying Swift's efforts to keep her personal life away from the public eye up to this point.

I ended up with a greater knowledge of and sympathy for Swift, even though the goal of trying to elicit sympathy through a documentary is worth recognizing.

Often at the center of controversy, Swift is given a platform to share her side of the story without immediate comments, feedback or call-outs through Miss Americana.

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