Putin promised to keep the concept of "Papa" and "Mama" in Russian Federation

Putin: Hypersonic weapon makes idea of Russia’s deterrence meaningless

Putin: Hypersonic weapon makes idea of Russia’s deterrence meaningless

When President Vladimir Putin announced he planned to amend Russia's constitution he named a 75-strong working group to consider the changes including prominent figures such as two-time Olympic pole-vault champion Yelena Isinbayeva.

The commission was set up last month after Putin announced sweeping changes to Russia's political system that are widely seen as being created to help him extend his grip on power after his scheduled departure from office in 2024. He said Thursday that the amendments only would take effect if Russia's citizens approved them in a vote, but it remains unclear how such a vote would be organized. "It just should not be delayed indefinitely so that it does not become something of a permanent continuous nature", Putin said. He didn't give the date, but officials previously said the vote might take place in April.

"Given the importance of questions that we put on the all-Russian vote and the importance of those novelties which we introduce to the basic law, I believe that people should be directly involved in making this decision", Putin said at a meeting with the working group on amendments.

During a meeting of the group on Thursday, one of the members proposed that the new constitution should prohibit giving away Russian territory, or even negotiating over it. It is necessary to clarify some things: "marriage is the Union of a man and a woman with a family a little different", - concluded Putin. He is the longest-serving Russian or Soviet leader since Joseph Stalin.

"As long as I remain the president, there will be no Parent No. 1 and Parent No. 2 here", he said. "There will be a mom and a dad".

In December 2019, Putin stated that only Russian Federation possesses a hypersonic weapon.

The U.S. has repeatedly said that its missile defenses aren't meant to counter Russia's massive nuclear arsenals.

Putin presented an array of prospective weapons in 2018 that he claimed were immune to interception.

The first missile unit armed with the Avangard became operational in December, while the Poseidon is still under development.

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