A Closer Look at Notifications in Windows 10X



Windows 10X is now being built with dual-screen devices - like Microsoft's upcoming Surface Duo - in mind. This is perhaps due to the fact that the Windows 10X emulator considers MacBook as a single display and runs apps by splitting the screen into two.

Technically, it's based on the same approach as in Windows 10, so the Action Center provides you with access to quick actions and notifications.

The emulator will help developers test their apps on Windows 10X.

Dismissing notifications is easy in Windows 10X.

At this point, notifications are still using the light theme, even when the dark mode is activated in Windows 10X.

Earlier this week, Microsoft released the first emulator for Windows 10X, giving the public its first glimpse at the upcoming operating system. Recent reports suggest Windows 10X will also come to traditional clamshell devices.

Microsoft seems to be prepping a series of dual-screen devices. There's a chance that Microsoft also further refined the animations, and I think I like the Windows 10X notification system more.

Microsoft has no plans to bring Windows 10X to laptops but if the company does bring it, this is probably what Windows 10X would look like on a regular laptop with Keyboard and Mouse.

So it's certainly interesting to see it already running on a MacBook, no less. It's a cleaner, more modern take on Windows 10 that's been refreshed in nearly every way. So, it might not be surprising to hear that Windows 10X is compatible with a Mac.

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