Elon Musk's SpaceX hires ex-NASA expert, prepares to launch astronauts

SpaceX showcase the Crew Dragon spacecraft in an awesome short video

SpaceX showcase the Crew Dragon spacecraft in an awesome short video

In his new role, William Gerstenmaier, the former leader of NASA's human spaceflight programme, is reporting to SpaceX Vice President of mission assurance Hans Koenigsmann, CNBC reported on Tuesday.

Gerstenmaier functioned NASA for 14 years in that capacity, also was using the bureau for twenty years focusing on the Space Shuttle program in addition to the International Space Station. It is likely that there are few other people in the world, if they have any, who have as much experience as he does with flying people in space, which makes him a great employee for SpaceX while preparing for the operational launch of its human spaceflight program.

According to recent reports, paperwork is the main problem before SpaceX is given the green light to take astronauts Bob Behnken and Doug Hurley to the International Space Station. NASA now relies on transportation aboard Russian Soyuz rockets operated by Roscosmos to get personnel to and from the orbital lab, an arrangement that's been in place since the Space Shuttle program ended in 2011.

"I'm glad to see a Crew Dragon DM2 capsule video out there to share and show off!" The capsule is at a technical testing room, getting electromagnetic interference testing, an integral portion of its confirmation procedure prior to being completely certified for the flight. Earlier this week, Ars Technica reported that nearly everything was ready in terms of preparation for the Demo-2 mission, and that it should take place sometime between April and June, with May 7 as the current work date.

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