Google now lets you customise emojis

Gboard for Android update: emoji fusion

Gboard for Android update: emoji fusion

To be clear, you can't just mash up any of the thousands of emoji with any other one - it only works with those Google supports, which are mainly variations on the smileys. With this feature, Gboard on Android takes user's favourite emoji and mixes them into customised stickers. You can use the brand new emoji mergers by way of tapping an emoji and looking ahead to your tips at the Gboard.

In an official post, the company said, "We affectionately refer to this feature as Emoji Kitchen, because you can explore new "recipes" of expressions using your favourite emoji as ingredients".

Touch on emoji. Be certain that you try out a couple of these emojis to view that which ones have been encouraged. So, for example, you typed the cowboy emoji, you will be suggested stickers that combine the cowboy emoji with the kissing emoji, the laughing emoji, the heart eyes emoji and even the monkey emoji.

You will also be able to use these "Customized" emoji on other apps which work with Gboard like Gmail, Snapchat, WhatsApp, Telegram, and Google's Messages app.

Google is calling the feature,"Emoji Kitchen". As a substitute, Google designers have created this set of mashups for Gboard, particularly. As of now, the emoji sticker pack features 40 emoji combinations built by developer Maxence Guegnolle.

But given the limited number of compatible apps, we'd expect Google will increase the available options of emoji, as well as apps, when the feature rolls out of beta testing.

What appears different here is that Google's emoji mashups have been developed by hand rather than being automatically produced by a bot.

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